Marquise Chrysocolla

EAR194 - Olive Leaf Chrysocolla--20180504_152024.jpg
EAR194 - Olive Leaf Chrysocolla--20180504_152024.jpg

Marquise Chrysocolla


Chrysocolla, Amazonite, crystals, Gold fused Miyuki seed beads.

DIMENSIONS : 2 cm / 9 cm high from the top of the hook to bottom.

The earrings come with a black an elegant black envelope and a Certificate of original Product card signed by the designer.

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Every creation from Musesa Design Jewelry Collection has been hand crafted using a unique technique and is one of a kind.

Musesa jewelry pieces are designed with the structure hidden inside the gemstones. 
This way the client's skin will come in contact directly with the rare and precious gemstones we use, allowing the designs to be wearable on both sides!

Many designs are also inspired from the beauty and the rich ancient history of the Mediterranean: Ancient Greek and Ancient Egypt mythology, Babylon, Byzantine and Roman Empire.
This is why many designs have Greek gods’ and mythological figure names like Aphrodite, Medusa, Artemis, Andromeda, Calypso, Orpheus, Nemesis, or names from the Egyptian mythology like Osiris.
The designs range from a classical approach, some even reminding of the Victorian jewellery to a more contemporary jewelry design.