Toronto Sun

Ritz-Carlton Residences, Montreal Exhibit, June 2018


Period Magazine Editorial, July 2018

Period Magazine Editorial Musesa

intELEGANCE Magazine Editorial, April 2018

intELEGANCE-Olga Hutsul.jpg

Musesa designs on display with Tala Nehlawi fashion designs at the Royal Ontario Museum at the "21 Century Atelier - Redefining Fashion in a New Age of Design" Exhibition


PUMP Magazine Cover and Editorial, January 2018

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Shuba Magazine editorial

Photo : Michele Taras

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BOARD-Shuba Magazine-2.jpg

BeautyMute Magazine editorial (Zurich, Switzerland)

Photo : Michele Taras

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iFASHION Magazine editorial (New York)

Photo : Michele Taras
Stylist : Mason Lyle Schlueter

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Andromeda statement necklace.jpg

FORWARD FASHION Magazine : two editorials

Photo : Michele Taras , Koko Tchorbadjian
Stylist : Mason Lyle Schlueter

ASTOUND Magazine editorial

Photo : Koko Tchorbadjian
Stylist : Mason Lyle Schlueter

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ELEGANT Magazine editorial

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