Discover a stunning bespoke jewelry collection created with rare gems and crystals together with Gold and Sterling Silver elements.
Every piece is one of a kind, with only a few variations in color made for each design.

The technique behind the Musesa fine art jewelry is quite complex.
First the designer creates the design of each piece.
Natural gemstones and the gold or silver are quite heavy materials so the structure and the geometry of every design has to be very precise and solid in order to be able to keep it's perfect shape while being worn on the body.
The bigger statement pieces have to mold on the neck or hand perfectly.
This is where we actually realize that the designer of Musesa Collection is an architect.
Like a building structure, each element is different in shape, size and weight and everything needs to be taken in consideration in order to create a perfectly balanced object. 

After the design is done than the first prototype is created.
The other pieces that follows are different every time, because the philosophy of the brand is that every Musesa piece is unique and hand crafted.

Andromeda Glamour

The mixed beading and wiring technique used in Musesa Jewellery allows them to be soft and flexible, every gemstone is touching the skin allowing the beneficial flux of energy to flow into the body.

The “Alter Amber” Collection shows a innovative mix of Musesa usual technique with natural leather and cast amber elements trapping inside precious and rare gemstones and gold foil covered driftwood chips from Lake Ontario.

The AQUA Collection uses recycled plastic bottles and aluminum cans along with gemstones and precious metals and it is a manifest against the ocean pollution that impact the health of the planet.

The designs combine a wide range of natural gemstone beads: sapphire, emerald, ruby, coral, pearls, amber, agate, onyx, jade, hematite, turquoise, topaz, lapis lazuli, peridot, garnet, aquamarine, amethyst, opal, rose quartz, moonstone, citrine, aventurine, labradorite, mother of pearl and many others.
The use of crystals gives a spectacular sparkle to every Musesa fine art jewelry piece.

Musesa jewelry pieces are designed with the structure hidden inside the gemstones. 
This way the client's skin will come in contact directly with the rare and precious gemstones we use, allowing the designs to be wearable on both sides!
Some statement pieces in Musesa Collection have over 20 different types of gemstones.